Monday, May 16, 2016


Yesterday I woke up thinking about noodles and the rotating noodle dishes I'm fantasizing will replace the pork belly pad thai from Ye Olde Brunch circa 2014.  So I made 3 batches of noodle dough- 2 were failures.  I boiled the noodles and made a dish with black garlic, beef rib meat, and chilis.  I dislike, or am extremely underwhelmed by, 99.9% of the food I make- so I am on a constant search.  I more than liked it so I made Jessie eat a noodle and she even agreed to eat a small piece of beef I'd hidden in the noodle!!  I learned the hard way that you should not fuck with vegetarians by sneaking shrimp into their spring roll because they can't stop loudly saying, "WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT," over and over and over again really loud in front of all the employees.  With fair meaty warning she agreed it was good.  So I called my mom to come over immediately and fed her a bowl while she answered all my annoying questions.  She really liked it and agreed she wanted more and would definitely go to a place just for them.  I ate noodles for all three meals yesterday trying to improved the dish each time- so now I'm sick of them but have one dish down.

Last night I laid awake wondering if I'd burn the motor out on the food processor with all the lemongrass for a curing salt experiment. I woke up at 4:22a.m. thinking about my brining pork belly crammed into buckets down at work in the walk-in and its future, tried to remember how I pickled some pineapple a couple months ago and wishing I'd write things down and keep them instead of throwing all my scraps of paper and half filled notebooks away.  I went and did life things for awhile but now I'm waiting for my next food project of the day- it's too early to smoke the culdesac out and smoke my chicken so here I am obsessing in a different way.
this is my thinking lair

I ruined Jansen, the kitchen manager's, life and QB morale when I took brunch out in a field and immediately shot it.  It seems like forever ago but it was what...a year ago, two years ago?  It's good to see him happy again- scheming, testing, and practicing over brunch.  Last week he gave me some incredible pastrami he's brined and smoked, then a few days ago he gave me perhaps the best bacon I've ever had?  If not so close!  I think we work well together and his excitement makes me want to work harder and do better so that everyone is inspired and happy.  I'm not a stand on the line and cook for people every day type owner, I like change every day.  I burned myself out on the line a hundred years ago working for other people.  But I find my perfect creative stressed-out frantic place in coming up with new things at home and trying to bring them in to QB in some way.  QB is not my restaurant, figuratively I mean, and never has been.  The second we opened it was a huge uncontrollable wave of employees, Department of Revenue, and a twin mattress to flop on up in the office when I wanted to die from stress.  So it became Olympia's and the employees and I've come to accept that- but I am always trying to improve and change every single aspect of the place in tiny increments over time toward some unobtainable vision.  If I could I'd take our current menu out in a field and shoot every single item on it and start over.  Brunch is my attempt at that- by experimenting, not getting attached to menu items, and trying not to compromise too much maybe my long game will work out in a few years and Olympia will be right there with me handing me the gun to kill what it is today and forcing us to do "brunch" every day!

9am to 3pm
JUNE 25TH & 26TH 
213 East 4th Avenue
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