Saturday, May 14, 2016


A couple years or so ago, in a crazy midnight self-conscious fit, I erased every last somewhat personal or opinionated post I'd ever put out.  Which was really dumb but not surprising.  I've been burning and burying half started journals and juvenile artifacts since the age of 8 when I made the mistake of reviewing a tape recording I'd made of myself singing to the high school girl I loved in my best romantic Elvisy voice.  That would be incredible to have today!  While there is certainly no loss in killing my 2008 QB blog rants on how much Rachel Ray sucks, videos of Marco Pierre White in 80's, or how cool microplanes are-- but it's kind of a bummer.  And for someone who's secret dream job is to write their own tv show it's probably a good idea to collect and save every dumb idea and sort through it later when you realize your boring life only fills up 30 minutes!

Annnnyways I'm back to blogging about food, QB or whatever- and if I find myself writing about how much I detest, oh I don't know...Tyler Florence, then I'll suffer the midnight consequences.

Buuuut none of that's even the point!  I'm just giving context for what would seem like a completely random post to the new customers out there who've never endured my past posts but come to the blog expecting its usual post-apocalyptic state and wonder what is going on down there?!  I just want to see the delivery menu, not a video with some old guy!  
I just was driving around and remembered this old guy and laughed out loud and thought, that old guy is so fuckin cool, he doesn't give a shit!  So here's that old guy: 

213 East 4th Avenue
Olympia, WA 98501